Perran Ross

PhD CandidateRossP
Room 114
+613 8344 2491


I completed my Bachelor of Science in 2011 and a Master of Science in genetics in 2013 at Melbourne University. As part of the Eliminate Dengue program, my master’s research involved an investigation into larval competition between Aedes aegypti (the principal dengue vector) infected with Wolbachia, a bacterium which inhibits dengue virus transmission. I found numerous effects of Wolbachia infection on immature development and fitness, which will hopefully inform strategies to release these dengue-resistant mosquitoes in areas where dengue is endemic. I am continuing this research during my PhD, and am examining the interactions between Wolbachia infection and mosquito fitness in further detail. Currently, I’m investigating links between fitness and the density of bacterial infection in three different Wolbachia strains which are currently being considered for biocontrol programs.

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