Rahul Rane

PhD CandidateRaneR
Bio 21
Room 264
+613 8344 2314


I am a PhD candidate from India and have completed my Undergraduate and Honours training in the University of Melbourne. Prior to starting my PhD, I completed my honours project in the Hoffmann Lab which involved developing a RADSeq toolkit for Drosophila melanogaster to study the inversion 3R Payne. During the same time I also worked on sequencing phased genomes to obtain pure haplotype information.

For my PhD, my work extends from my Honours project. My project mainly revolves around tracking the genomic basis of climate adaptation and by extension inspecting adaptive capacity under a climate change model using high throughput ‘next-generation’ sequencing. I study multiple Drosophila species as a result (Sophophora as well as the Repleta group) to ask whether with an increase in global temperatures, will different species adapt to changing conditions on a genomic level? Also what intra and inter specific changes will define this adaptive capacity for ecologically important traits as heat and desiccation tolerance.

Along with this I am also developing Drosophila specific softwares and pipelines for accurate and efficient assembly and annotation of genomes as well as developing low-cost and high-throughput next generation sequencing library generation methodologies to make large-scale genome projects more affordable.

Current Projects:

Genomic basis of climatic adaptation in Drosophila species from the repleta group

Clinal genomics in Drosophila melanogaster


Hoffmann AA, Blacket MJ, McKechnie SW, et al. (2012) A proline repeat polymorphism of the Frost gene of Drosophila melanogaster showing clinal variation but not associated with cold resistance. Insect Molecular Biology 21, 437-445.

Lee SF, Eyre-Walker YC, Rane RV, et al. (2013) Polymorphism in the neurofibromin gene, Nf1, is associated with antagonistic selection on wing size and development time in Drosophila melanogaster. Mol Ecol 22, 2716-2725.

Awards / Achievements

  • Awarded the VLSCI Ph.D. top-up scholarship, 2013
  • Dean’s Honour List in Genetics, awarded 2012.
  • Awarded the University of Melbourne – Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship and Melbourne International Research Scholarship for graduate study.
  • Awarded the John A. McKenzie / Selby Scientific Foundation Award, 2012
  • Awarded the University of Melbourne – International Undergraduate Fee Remission scholarship – 25% Fee Remission

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