Adrian O’Connor

Masters StudentAdrianOConnor 

Bio 21
Room 264
+613 8344 2314


I am an MSc-Bioinformatics student.  I’ll be working under the guidance of Dr Philippa Griffin and Prof Ary Hoffmann.

In a previous life I taught maths & stats to TAFE and BBus students in Wangaratta and Albury, and basic maths & comp to Higher College of Technology students in Sharjah in the UAE. I have a BAppSc(Hons) degree in Stats & OR from Charles Sturt University. I used an ordinal logistic regression model to predict platypus habitat preference for my project.

More recently I’ve done work on determining parameter estimates for nonlinear regression models.  To cut a long story short, I’ve developed an evolutionary algorithm to find “good” initial parameter estimates for nonlinear regression models. The algorithm I developed was initially done in EXCEL (so slow but interesting graphics).  I then converted the algorithm to Mathematica and then R (much faster).

So now, from using biology (evolution) to solve problems in mathematics I have progressed to learning how to use mathematics to address problems in biology. It’s an interesting learning curve at this stage

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