Dr Andrew Weeks

Research FellowweeksA
Room 106
+613 9349 4723


Andrew is an ecological geneticist who specializes in applying genetic principles to the conservation of Australian wildlife. His current research interests are centered on translocations as a way of genetically rescuing populations from inbreeding, losses of genetic variation and the build up of slightly deleterious alleles. His interests are also in developing translocation strategies that aim to enhance a population’s ability to adapt under climate change. Andrew actively participates in several threatened species recovery teams in Australia, where he has developed research programs that look at “assisted gene flow” between genetically differentiated populations as a way of reinvigorating the genetics of populations that have undergone large declines in numbers. In this vain, Andrew led the mountain pygmy possum research team that undertook the first genetic rescue of a wild population in Australia. Andrew is developing similar programs for a number of different Australian threatened species including the Victorian eastern barred bandicoot and the Victorian brush-tailed rock-wallaby.


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