Dr Garry McDonald

Research FellowGary McDonald
Room 106
+613 8344 2523


Garry has been a research and extension entomologist with the Victorian DPI for 22 years, working initially on mosquito and ant ecology /management, and subsequently on integrated pest management (IPM) and biological control strategies for a range of pests of horticulture, field crops and pastures. Some focal pests of particular interest included Helicoverpa spp. (native budworm and corn earworm), Leucania and Persectania spp. (armyworm), Agrotis spp. (cutworm), pasture cockchafers, Nysius vinitor (Rutherglen bug) and earth mites.

Since 1996, Garry assumed broader administrative roles as Director, Rutherglen Research Institute, a farming systems Institute in northern Victoria, subsequently Research Director of DPIs Landscape Systems Sciences Platform, and more recently Director of Swinburne University’s National Centre for Sustainability, a Centre focussed on establishing Education for Sustainability within the Australian tertiary education sector, among other roles. Education for Sustainability (EfS) is shorthand for learning and training-based strategies to stimulate change towards sustainability. In this capacity, he was a Board Director for the Energy Efficiency Council for two years.

Garry joined PEARG in mid-2012 in a part time capacity to undertake research aimed at developing pest forecasting models for the key pests of the crop establishment phase of Australian grain crops – Halotydeus destructor (redlegged earth mite) and Sminthurus viridis (lucerne flea). The modelling focus on developing predictions of both the timing of outbreaks, and their relative severity. He is also the Executive Officer for the Grains Pest Advisory Committee, a national science advisory group for the Grains Research and Development Corporation. In parallel with this roles, Garry also works with cesar Australia Pty Ltd in providing pest information services and IPM training to grain’s industry advisors and growers.

Current Projects:

National Invertebrate Pest Initiative, pest forecasting sub-project.

National Coordination of Invertebrate Pest Research and Insecticide Resistance Management , and the Grains Pest Advisory Committee.

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