Dr James Maino

Research FellowMainoJ
Room 106
+613 8344 2523


All life processes involve energy and mass transfers. With this in mind, my research has explored patterns in the energy uptake and allocation of invertebrates during their development, and the extent to which universal energetic constraints apply across diverse species. This research feeds into wide-ranging applications including quantifying the energetic costs of toxic stress, predicting species distributions using mechanistic bioclimatic models, and understanding the economy of host-parasitoid interactions. Currently, I am applying this background to the problem of pesticide resistance in an important pest of crops and pastures in Australia – the redlegged earth mite. Pesticide resistance not only increases the economic costs of agricultural practices, but imposes energetic costs on resistant individuals of the pest species. We are interested in understanding these processes in order to better predict, and eventually better manage, the evolution and spread of pesticide resistance. I recently completed a jointly awarded PhD at the University of Melbourne and Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam) under the supervision of Michael Kearney and Bas Kooijman


Maino, J.L. & Kearney, M.R. Ontogenetic and interspecific scaling of consumption in insects, Oikos (Early view online)

Llandres, A.L, Kooijman, S.A.L.M., Marques, Maino, J.L, G.M, Kearney, M.R. & Casas, J. A Dynamical Energy Budget for the whole life cycle of holometabolous insects”, Ecological Monographs (Early view online

Maino, J.L**. & Kearney, M.R. Ontogenetic and interspecific metabolic scaling in insects, The American Naturalist, Volume 184, Issue 6, pages 695-701, December 2014

Maino, J.L.*, Kearney, M.R., Nisbet, R.M. & Kooijman, S.A.L.M. 2014. Reconciling theories for metabolic scaling, Journal of Animal Ecology, Volume 83, Issue 1, pages 20–29, January 2014

Awards / Achievements:

* Received Elton Prize for best paper in the Journal of Animal Ecology by a young researcher 2014

** Student Paper of the Year Award (Runner-up), the American Naturalist 2015

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