Dr Sara Long

Research FellowLongS
Room 105
+613 8344 2522


I obtained my BSc joint honours degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology at King’s College, University of London in 1991. In 1993 I successfully completed a MSc in Natural Resource Management at the University of Leicester, where I carried out a research project at Odense University in Denmark in Ecotoxicology. I obtained my PhD in aquatic ecotoxicology from RMIT-University in 2001. I spent eight years as a terrestrial ecotoxicologist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Monks Wood in the UK, from 2001 to 2008. I began work in the Aquatic Biomonitoring group in May 2009.

Since January 2010 I have been part of the Biomarker Program in CAPIM. My main research focus is to develop methods to measure biological effects of environmental stressors (anthropogenic and natural) in local aquatic organisms (both vertebrates and invertebrates), which can be used in biomonitoring programs to assess the condition of a waterway. I work closely with the Metabolomics Australia group at the Bio21 Institute, developing novel small metabolite biomarkers of chemical exposure in aquatic invertebrates. I have co-supervised two Masters students and am currently co-supervising four PhD students.

Recent Publications (2010 – 2014):

Katherine J. Jeppe, Melissa E. Carew, Sara Long, Siu F. Lee, Vincent Pettigrove  and Ary A. Hoffmann. (2014). Genes involved 1 in cysteine metabolism of Chironomus tepperi are regulated differently by copper and by cadmium. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C. (accepted)

Kellar, C., Hassell, K., Long, S., Myers, J., Golding, L., Rose, G., Kumar, A., Hoffmann, A., Pettigrove, V. (2014). Multiple ecological evidence links adverse biological effects to pesticide and metal contamination in an urban Australian watershed. Journal of Applied Ecology. (in press).

Oliver A.H. Jones,, Steven Murfitt, Claus Svendsen, Anthony Turk, Hazel Turk, David J. Spurgeon, Lee A. Walker, Richard F. Shore, Sara M. Long,Julian L. Griffin. (2013). Comparisons of metabolic and physiological changes in rats following short term oral dosing with pesticides commonly found in food.  Food and Chemical Toxicology. 59: 438-445

Fredrik Reichenberg, Ulrich Gosewinkel Karlson, Orjan Gustafsson, Sara M. Long, Parmely H. Pritchard, Philipp Mayer. (2010). Low accessibility and chemical activity of PAHs restrict bioremediation and risk of exposure in a manufactured gas plant soil. Environmental Pollution 158: 1214-1220

Technical Reports (2010 – 2014):

David Sharley, Kathryn Hassell, Allyson O’Brien and Sara Long (2013). Assessment of invertebrate communities and fish health in the agriculturally influenced Watson Creek estuary. Centre for Aquatic Pollution identification and Management Technical Report #28.

Sara Long and Rhianna Boyle (2013). Effects of Coal Seam Gas discharges on freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium sp). Centre for Aquatic Pollution identification and Management Technical Report #24

Gagliardi, B., Long, S., Rose, G., Golding, G., Lieshke, J., Daw Quadros, T., Metzeling, L. & Pettigrove, V. (2011). An Assessment of Effects of the 2010-2011 Australian Plague Locust Response on Victorian Aquatic Ecosystems. Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management Technical Report #9. Industry Report to the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. Melbourne.

Kellar, C., Hassell, K., Long, S., Myers, J., Golding, L., Pettigrove, V. (2011). Identifying the primary factors influencing aquatic ecosystem health in the Upper Dandenong Creek Catchment. Victorian Centre for Aquatic Pollution identification and Management Technical Report #6.

Bealey W.J., Long S., Spurgeon D.J., Leith I., and Cape J.N. (2008). Review and implementation study of biomonitoring for assessment of air quality outcomes. UK Environment Agency Science Report SC030175/SR2.

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