Kelly Richardson

Research OfficerRichardsonK
Bio21 Incubator Building
Room G18

+613 9035 6094


I have an interest in disease and the roles animals and the environment play in disease transmission. I explored this interest as an honours student with the Dengue Mosquito Group in early 2008 where I investigated the thermal responses of larval mosquitoes and the influence of climatic changes on their microclimates and potential range in Australia. From early 2009 to early 2010 I was the Research Assistant for the mosquito group, maintaining mosquito colonies and conducting experiments investigating the fitness of mosquitoes. I then spent two years abroad before returning in March 2012 to work again with the Dengue Mosquito Group. I continued to rear mosquitoes and conduct experiments working towards solutions to the dengue fever problem in Australia and elsewhere.

Since October 2013, I have taken up a new role working on detecting and characterising Wolbachia in a diverse range of Drosophila species, however I continue to do some work with the Dengue Mosquito Group.

Current Projects:

NIH Drosophila Project

NHRC Dengue Research Program

Recent Publications (2010 – 2014):

Richardson K.M., Hoffmann A. A., Johnson P., Ritchie S., Kearney M. (2012) A replicated comparison of breeding-container suitability for the dengue vector Aedes aegypti in tropical and temperate Australia. Austral Ecology. 38:219-229

Richardson K. M., Hoffmann A. A., Johnson P., Ritchie S., Kearney M. (2011) Thermal sensitivity of Aedes aegypti from Australia: empirical data and prediction of effects on distribution. Journal of Medical Entomology 48: 914-923

Yeap H. L., Mee P., Walker T., Weeks A. R., O’Neill S. L., Johnson P., Ritchie S. A., Richardson K. M., Doig C., Endersby N. M., Hoffmann A. A. (2011) Dynamics of the “Popcorn” Wolbachia Infection in Outbred Aedes aegypti Informs Prospects for Mosquito Vector Control. Genetics 187: 583-595

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