Prof. Ary Hoffmann

ARC Laureate Fellow
Bio 21 Institute
School of BioSciences
+613 8344 2522


Ary Hoffmann is a professor  working in the areas of pest control and environmental stress adaptation. His group undertakes research on a range of invertebrates. They have developed integrated pest control options for the grains and grape/wine industries, investigated how landscape changes can be harnessed to provide pest control services, contributed to novel approaches for suppressing dengue mosquito vectors, and examined new ways to predict species distribution shifts under climate change. Prof Hoffmann is a member of the Australian Academy of  Science, past President of the Australian Entomological Society, past President of the Australasian Genetics Society, and visiting Professor at both the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Liverpool. His team is combines staff and students from the School of BioSciences and is based at the Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Google Scholar – Prof Ary Hoffmann

Current Funding:

  • Australian Research Council
  • NCRIS Long Term Ecological Monitoring Network
  • Grain Research and Development Council
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Science and Industry Endowment Fund (CSIRO). 

Editorial / Awards (2010+):

Eureka Prize for Infectious Disease Research, Australian Museum, 2013.
Storer Endowment Lecture, University of California at Davis, 2013.
Woodward Medal for Research,  The University of Melbourne, 2012.
Member of Advisory Board of Evolutionary Applications, 2012-
Member of Editorial Board of Molecular Ecology, 2012-
Australian Laureate Fellow, Australian Research Council, 2011-2015.
Member,  Scientific Advisory Board, National Evolutionary Synthesis Centre (USA), 2010-3.
Member, Scientific Advisory Panel, Alan Wilson Centre, New Zealand, 2010-4
President, Australian Entomological Society, 2010-2

Publications – 2010 on wards

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